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TNR Class Registration:

Please come & join our next FREE TNR Trap Training Class with FixNation in Monrovia! Please see our Events page for information on the next classes available! Fill out this form to be added to our next upcoming class!

We understand a lot of feral/stray cats are in immediate danger and need to be trapped NOW. If you cannot wait for the next trap training group, please click HERE.

This will take you to FixNation's online registration & training. Let us know when you are completely finished & we will add you to our weekly vanpool . You can begin helping your colonies IMMEDIATELY!  We will also hook you up with other members in your city so you can have a local support group available to work with.

NOTICE: We DO NOT condone euthanizing feral/stray cats EVER! We understand they can be a nuisance and in those situations, there are ways to deal with them humanely. Please visit Alley Cat Allies or FixNation for a TON of information you can print off to help you help your community cats!!

** FYI: We desperately need MORE people & help in Baldwin Park, El Monte, & Covina  **

Please bring as many people as you can and sign up here to RSVP.  We welcome all current and new trappers, feeders, vet techs, neighbors and anyone who wants to make a difference in their community! We also work with scout troops, high school senior projects & senior credits...ask us how!  

If you are currently "out in the field" working with community/stray/feral cats, please come and attend! We welcome your tips & tricks and welcome you to connect with others in your local areas to create a bigger team base! We ask that you share this on your social media pages and in any way you can. We always have people who find they are overlapping colonies. It pays to keep the communication lines open!

Thank you for rescuing, caring & stepping up to DO SOMETHING about our feral,stray &  community cats! 

Big Kitty Love!

The TNR Project Team Members

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If you decide you'd like to volunteer, you can choose your own schedule. (Ex: 1x/week, 2x/month, etc). We always have elderly and industrial areas that need extra help to perform TNR.
It is what it is....but it will BECOME what you make it.
Make the difference!

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